JJ Luna


Although Dirty Tricks is slanted toward women, it contains vital information for both sexes of all ages—not just personal self-defense, but ways to protect yourself against home break-ins as well. You’ll learn about:

  • Simple self-defense items you can carry with you at all times
  • A lethal weapon you can take with you when you travel by air
  • How to stop a burglar even as he approaches your home
  • How to fortify your entrance doors and interior doors
  • How to make an attacker turn and flee from your home
  • Handguns, shotguns, and alternate weapons at your command

Order Dirty Tricks with no risk whatever.  I am so positive that you will learn new things of great value to you, that I include a 30-day money-back no-questions-asked guarantee—and you’ll still get to keep the e-book!

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