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If you have my How to be Invisible book, you know from the fly leaf that I managed to dodge Generalissimo Franco’s Secret Police from 1959 to 1970. Although targeted by the dictator's men, I was never caught. This was where I learned to be invisible.  I’ve been invisible ever since. I have also started up 12 successful businesses since 1960 until the present time.
Many of them have these features:

     1. Startup cost less than $500
     2. No employees, no legal entities, no licenses
     3. Can be run from home, any location
     4. No retail location, no fixed hours of work
     5. No inventory, high margins of profit
     6. Works for any age, 18 to 88 (I am 88 and am starting another
          new business this year!)
     7. Customers come from a direct-mail campaign. I have a unique
          method whereby I can force the recipient to open my letter
          100 percent of the time--never fails! 

I am sharing this information and much more to help those who wish to start or improve their own small business. The seminars are held once or twice a month at Candlewod Suites, Burlington, WA. Attendance is normally four to six persons. Plenty of time to answer all your questions! Fee is $350 per person, plus an additional $100 if you come with a family member.


I will continue to provide private consultations, same location. You may consult with me on any or all of the following:

     1. Any aspect of personal privacy, including but not limited to
         money transfers, hidden ownership, hiding your home address,
         stopping a stalker, or doing business anonymously.

     2. Choosing a new home-based business or increasing the sales
         of your current business (info similar to the seminars, above).

     3. Information for anyone building a new home or remodeling a
         present one: Secret stairway, secret spaces, secret panic room,
         and secret alarm system.

      4. How to start a small business with no cometitors.

 Fee: $750 for up to three hours. $250 an hour beyond that, but additional time is almost never needed.  No additional charge if you bring someone with you.

                                For details, contact meJack (at) JJLuna.com


Who will take over when you die?

No one. To quote an old African proverb, “When an old man dies, a library burns to the ground.

If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job,
wait until you hire an amateur.”
  --Red Adair




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