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 If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job,
wait until you hire an amateur.”

  --Red Adair


 If you have a problem that you think I can help you with, contact me. Tell me exactly what you hope to accomplish, with my assistance. I will meet with you only if I think I can help you, and if your needs are legitimate (e.g., nothing to do with tax evasion or money laundering).  I turn down more prospective clients than I meet with. 

Here are examples of problems that I've helped my clients overcome.

(Names have been changed.)

Roland, 39,  in danger of his life in Phoenix, Arizona

Roland runs a prominent landscaping company, with more than 200 employees. He lives with his beautiful young wife and two small children in a 5500-foot mansion overlooking a park. He recently caught Jose, one of his managers, stealing, so he fired him on the spot.  When leaving, Jose made a threat that Roland took seriously. He then contacted my good friend Tim, with the Parker Lakes PI Agency, to check on Jose's background.

Tim discovered that before Jose came to the U.S., he had murdered a family in Ciudad Guzman, Jalisco! As a result, Jose had served 22 years in a Mexican jail! At Roland's request I flew to Phoenix to discuss his options. My  advice was to move, fast! However, both he and his wife wanted to stay in their 5,500-square-foot "dream" home with a huge pool and a tennis court.  I therefore drew up a plan to install a warning when anyone approached the home, along with arrangements to convert two spaces--one at each end of the home--into safe rooms.  The next day, however, the couple choose to follow my original advice and to move, with all possible speed. And so they did.

Alexa, 28, a stalking victim from southern California

Alexa’s stalker was an ex-lover who was not only violent, but was seeking revenge. He had cop friends who repeatedly found her unlisted telephone numbers as well as the addresses on her driver’s licenses when she moved from state to state. She was desperate to break from her stalker and willing and able to do whatever was required. No probems since.

Jim, 65, a retired Seattle police detective:

Jim foresaw that a vindictive investor was going to file an unjust—if not frivolous— lawsuit against him. Once filed, Jim could be tied down for months or years and end up with horrendous legal costs.

“I’d like to just disappear without a trace,” he said. “I’ve got my eye on an offshore blue-water sailboat and I’d like to cruise up to Alaska in the summer and down to Mexico in the winter. The problem is how to title the boat so my name does not appear, and how to get my monthly pension checks and cash them without leaving a clue as to what port I’m in.”

Helen, 57, a wealthy widow from Arkansas:

Helen nearly died in a major car accident several years ago.  “When I recovered,” she said, “I felt like a different person and I wanted to start life over. I’m going to sell off all my land holdings and just disappear, but I need some help.” She wished to securely hide a large sum of money when her properties were sold, and to obtain and use a bank account that could not be traced back to her.

Several years have passed, with no further word from the above clients other than a picture Jim once sent me of his sailboat.  (I usually never again hear from my consulting clients, by which I assume that each in turn does indeed become invisible.)

Here are two persons I refused to help:

Gladys, 49, San Francisco

Gladys was about to sell a property she owned for $400,000 cash.  She wanted me to help her hide this fact from both her live-in boyfriend and from the IRS.  (I never take a case that involves tax evasion.)

Wolfgang, 27, somewhere in Maine

Wolfgang was fearful because a number of people had threatened to beat him up.  He offered me “a large sum of money” if I would meet him in New England and help him hide so well that not even his mother could find him. It turned out he was one of the biggest spammers in North America, selling a penis enlargement pill. (When I learned what he was doing, I told him that I wouldn’t mind getting in line to beat him up myself!)


With no obligation, e-mail me a list of questions that you expect me to answer, or a problem that you expect me to solve. Once I get your e-mail, I will decide whether or not a consultation is advisable.

If it is, I’d like to meet with you in Northwestern Washington.. We will spend about two hours going over problems and solutions. Later, I will follow up with email info and advice.. (If you are a woman traveling alone, the meeting can be held in a hotel lobby or at a nearby public place.) 

From 2000 until earlier this year,, my minimum fee was $2950. Never less, and often more.  However, many people wished to meet me but simply could not raise the fee. As of  now, I am TEMPORARILY slashing the minimum price to just $1200!  Further, you pay me just $600 in advance. The second half is paid only if you are satisfied.  If not, do not pay me. (A young man I met with a few years  ago [for $2950] said,, “I was ready to pay you in full within the first half hour!”) This new low price is an experiment.  Unless I see an increase in clients, the $1200 offer will end on July 31, 2015.

BTW, my fee still includes preparation beforehand and follow-up later, especially when I need to  consult with other experts in the field. Here is why I am making such a drastic price cut:

1.  I just sold a business that had been taking up too much of my time. That gives me more time for consultations.

2.  I enjoy meeting new people and helping with their problems, and wish to do it more often.

3.  I am in my late eighties.  There is a saying in Africa, "When an old man dies, a library burns down.



Why don't you allow consultions via email or telephone?

This is because I cannot do the job right unless we sit down face to face.  Often, when I meet with someone, i discover within 20 minutes that they were not asking the right questiions.  

What if I wish to meet with you elsewhere?

I can usually arrange to meet you in any major North American city. provided money is no object.

 If needed, can you furnish me with a trustworthy nominee to rent a home, arrange for utilities, open a PO Box, order cable TV, pick up a smartphone, and/or open a bank account for me?

This is the Gold Standard of invisibility.  Yes, I can furnish such a nominee (at a price) but only on the condition that you positively assure me (with data and references) that you are not engaged in any immoral or criminal activity.

 What if I am unsure if you can help me with my problem(s)? 

 Send me an e-mail and outline your needs. Jack@jjluna.com




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