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 If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job,
wait until you hire an amateur.”

  --Red Adair

 For 15 years, my minimum fee was $2,950, and clients had to fly into Seattle or Vancouver BC.  Recently I cut the fee temporarily to $1200.  Business picked up somewhat, but my clients  still had to fly into Washington State.  For the moment, a simple but important question will  be answered by email. Minimum price, $100.  I may be able to answer in  five minutes but that  answer may be one that you cannot get anywhere else.  For more complicated situations, I will charge $500 for up to two hours by phone, email, and/or postal mail  These prices are good until September 30, 2015.  After that, we’ll see.  But a personal face-to-face consultation is still the best! 

Interested? Then contact me with your questions and I will suggest the best solution and quote a price.  (If I feel that I do not have the answer, I will of course refuse to quote a price.)


With no obligation, e-mail me a list of questions that you expect me to answer, or a problem that you expect me to solve. Once I get your e-mail, I will decide whether or not I can be of help, and if so, how.


  What if I wish to meet with you elsewhere?

I can usually arrange to meet you in any major North American city. provided money is no object.

 If needed, can you furnish me with a trustworthy nominee to rent a home, arrange for utilities, open a PO Box, order cable TV, pick up a smartphone, and/or open a bank account for me?

This is the Gold Standard of invisibility.  Yes, I can furnish such a nominee (at a price) but only if we meet in person, and you positively convince me (with data and references) that you are not engaged in any immoral or criminal activity.

 What if I am unsure if you can help me with my problem(s)? 

 Send me an e-mail and outline your needs. Jack@jjluna.com




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