JJ Luna


1. Consulting   (personal privacy, home security, small business)


2. Ghost addresses (Alaska, Canary Islands)


-- JJ Luna,  jack(at)jjluna.com


 1. New Mexico LLCs , both shelf and custom limited liability companies.


2. All LLC annual renewals (even if your LLC was formed by Michael or Kitty, who no longer have any authority whatsoever to collect resident agent fees for Rio Grande Trust LC)


-- Rosie Enriquez (shelf LLCs), rosie(at)senoritarosie.com

Private investigator (recommended)

Parker Lakes & Associates Investigative Services


"Mention Mr. Luna in your message."

Attorney whose specialty is PRIVACY

John Clark

1.  My personal attorney -- a legal expert for avoiding pitfalls
    when implementing privacy strategies

2.  Licensed in California but can associate with your local counsel 
     (anywhere) who may not understand your privacy objectives

3.  Specializing in California Privacy Trusts which avoid the $800/year
      minimum CA tax on LLCs

4. Custom operating agreements for NM LLC

Email:  attorney@privacylawoffice.com

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