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Gross Materialism

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Excellent article on the futile pursuit of money for money's sake. Full of great quotes that reflect many of the main points of the book "possibly previously referred to as Skip College." Lawyers: "I was reminded constantly of a lawyer I met who characterised his life thus: 'My goal is to keep earning for 30 years, educate the kids, pay for my daughter's wedding and then die.'" And a star to guide your path: "By treating yourself and others as commodities, you are deprived of volition. You begin to experience yourself not as a person but as a powerless entity whose value is wholly determined by the market." Good reasons to be your own boss and value knowledge and self-sufficiency over "more stuff."

URL #1: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/main.jhtml?xml=/health/2007/01/09/haffluenza109.xml&page=3
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