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I am student of Jack Luna. Let me help. Larry, you can give an alias which will require a deposit. Normally this deposit is around $100 and refundable only after you terminate services. Here is what I always do. I find me a "nominee" who speaks spanish. I pay him or her $25 for calling the spanish customer service option. (you know for english dial "1" y para espanol oprima el numero dos "2":-). He or she finds common ground with the spanish customer service operator. "yo no tengo seguro social pero tengo dinero para deposito". [I don't have a social security card but do have money]. My nominee is instructed to either mail a deposit of $100 or pay cash at a local convinient atm-like machine inside certain supermarket. The payment is made with cash and a receipt is given with a confirmation number. Nominee calls back spanish speaking customer service and say, "hey, yo tengo confirmacion". CSR takes the confirmation and Ole, the phone is turned on. At the end of the phone service (since the basic monthly service is around $50), you send $5.00 with the bill and a little note saying, "will pay everything next month". Next month comes, now you have accrued 2 month which your deposit can cover. Of course if your last bill is more than $100 please do pay the additional amount and don't ruin it for us latinos-americanos. Hope this help. Will be sharing more with diffrent IP address but continue to be Mike 47.
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