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Clients requesting tax id

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Until I read your books (I own them all) I operated my computer consulting business under an S-corp. I no longer use a corporation for simplicity and consider myself invisible by your directions. Always learning and improving (re-reading). I now have a private account (nominee) and all my consulting income enters that account. It being January I am getting request for my tax-id from clients. Since I no longer have a tax-id I would in theory have to hand them my SSN so they may send out a 1099 for the previous year. That will NOT happen. Any suggestions? Furthermore, I am not looking in any way to avoid the taxes I owe. Just a tactful way of handling my clients request for a tax-id/ssn.

JJ Luna Responds:

If you do not want to give your own SSN, nor that of any family member or associate, then you may have to get an LLC and obtain a tax number for it. (That will certainly complicate things, however!)
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