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BofA no SSN bank accounts for illegals

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Regarding the earlier posts on BofA's . I think a disclaimer is in order. This is a huge bank with a sophisticated account modeling and monitoring operation AND recent problem with the US government. (see link) If I used one of the "alien accounts" with a nominee I would be careful to make my spending profile parallel that of an illegal with a bank account. I wouldn't get "ATM happy", I would only use the account in a region of the country a high alien population and I would just pay essentials like utilities, rent etc. and use cash for all else and if money *must* be wired out of the US it should go through Mexico first and only in small amounts. Plus as I type this nationally syndicated radio host Neil Boortz is discussing this. So BofA is now way too high profile of a place for those seeking invisibility.

URL #1: http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20070129/ts_alt_afp/uscompanybankofamerica_070129204552
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