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Cloaking Internet Access

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"But, that's a whole topic in itself." Somehow, in being brief, I misled a number of readers into believing that "the whole topic" was MAC. In reality MAC is only one item in a very complex trail; one that many overlook. eTracking includes identification of any and all identity factors; MAC, IP, PC Specifics (OS, PC Name, WorkGroup ID, Browser, ...), Internet Routing, and Patterns. Patterns become a huge factor, not often considered; take for example one spoofs MAC/IP/OS/... and performs his/her internet activities using free access (such as a borrowed hotel AP). Some time passes and he returns to the same AP, using spoofing, does more of the same, but in a thoughtless moment checks a bank account or anything else that could lead back to him/her. If the eTracker captured multiple events then the eTracker is suddenly closer to identification of the subject. The eTracker takes into account visitation to the same sites as a relationship; even if the spoofing is unique each time. Patterns include things like consistency in anything. This may be just enough to get sneak and peek warrants and more. Granted this is a brief over simplification of an example most of your readers would never fall victim to, but point made. Also, you must be doing something really ugly to achieve such intense eTracking. BTW Spoofing tools are free and available for Linux systems; which if you are sincere about your ePrivacy I would recommend over the unnamed mainstream OS. Sorry this is too short, yet too long for this forum, but hopefully enlightening - definately not complete. JJL's NSA comment to China is right on and good advice for anyone going completely invisible.
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