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Off the grid all summer

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I have a job where I am off for the summer months and want to spend them somewhere in or near the North Cascades National Park -- any isolated location where I can write and paint. I could afford to buy some land but I do not want the expense of building a house (nor all the red tape with building permits!) so what about the converted cargo trailer idea you are working on. Would that be a good option?

JJ Luna Responds:

Not in itself, no. It will be too confining. HOWEVER, in the "rural reserve" area around the park, you are allowed to put up a cabin of up to 200 square feet with NO PERMITS OF ANY KIND. The catch is that you are not allowed to "sleep in the building overnight." The cargo trailer is the answer: THAT can be your sleeping accomodation. (You could also set up a tent but the big problem there is, there are bears in that area. I want aluminum or steel between me and the bears, not just canvas!)
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