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Lauren from Sacramento

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Lauren, in addition to all the good info in the JJL books...If I were you, I would ask myself: If I should happen to die before my daughter turns 18, who would end up overseeing this money? If the answer makes you nervous, you should see a really good attorney who does estate planning. Sacramento should have some excellent ones. Based on my good/bad experiences with attornies, I would suggest trying a medium to large firm with an attorney who specializes in planning business succession for family-owned small businesses. Visit a few in person (first visit, to meet and discuss, should be free) and if you don't get a strong positive feeling from the meeting, keep walking. When you've found someone who 'gets it", then you can bring up invisibility techniques. I have found that good attorneys, even if they haven't used the techniques Mr. Luna suggests themselves, will immediately understand them. If they're confused, keep walking.
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