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RE: Ugly Truth About Online Anonymity ~ Thanks for that link, great material there! Just to establish how difficult it is to remain anonymous on the web - I use a SSH Tunnel for work (server file uploads, etc.) and know for an absolute fact that the traffic and/or my surfing is being monitored when using the SSH tunnel (which is supposed to be anonymous and "no logs"), as I "check" a domain name of ours that gets zero traffic and less than twelve hours later, I see a familiar IP address (rather, a particular location sequence and same ISP) checking it out (a "type-in" on a traffic-less domain is a wonderful "gotcha" - you know for certain, especially if you see this happening regularly and you just use a good stats program and look at the data quickly and easily). It could be a key logger you say, but the harddrive is reformatted monthly. It freaked me out for a long time, now I just laugh and giggle, like ya right, my surfing on the SSH Tunnel is now only used for server work, nothing else, ha ha government... Most of the laughter is simply due to the fact that my surfing/work stuff is not going to uncover anything all that useful, slightly useful, different and unique, sure ya, but not illegal, not ever. Anyway, another oddity is that my SSH Tunnel account can be expired for months and still work - and I wonder if this is intended or not - what company/entity would give you free service like that, unless the government does it or pays for it so that they/it can continue to monitor your surfing - ???
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