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Aluminum trailer weight and price?

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How much does the new QT weigh, either stripped or loaded? And what are the prices? Any financing available?

JJ Luna Responds:

As it comes from the manufacturer with double wall construction, insulation, ladder rack, windows, e-tracks, battery, and spare wheel and tire, 1745 pounds (we just weighed it yesterday): $9950.
... Adding a thick vinyl floor covering, rugs, wall and door near the V-nose, e-track clips and straps (for holding bed, chairs, and/or tables to the wall when hauling a motorcycle or other cargo) plus a premium Sony sound system will add about 180 pounds and run the price up to perhaps $11950.
... No financing because I am anti-credit. If you can't afford to pay cash, I prefer you look for a cheap used steel trailer and convert it as best you can. Normal terms, half down, half on delivery.
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