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Data Privacy While Traveling Internationally

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I work for a rather large multi-national corporation. I'm going to be going on a business trip next month. I have never traveled overseas before. I have a laptop and a thumbdrive. Will I be able to pass through customs without revealing my company's trade secrets. The data is kept om my thumbdrive. Is there a way this can be done? The thumbdrive is small enough to fit inside the pocket my money belt and has very very little metal. I have nothing illegal on it, but I'm concerned because I've read reports about customs copying materials off of people's laptops and such.

JJ Luna Responds:

I cannot answer for what a custom's official in a foreign land may or may not do. However, as long as there is not a single picture in either the computer or on your thumb drive that could possibly be termed as "child pornography" (especially in the UK!) then I think you may be OK. However, if you are still worried, then send your thumb drive ahead, via U.S. mail.

... If any of you world travelers out there have some different ideas or suggestions, let's hear from you!
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