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Leasing a home

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Here is something that has worked for me several times in my attempt not to provide a Social Security number for leasing a home.. This does not work at apartment complexes but works perfectly on single family homes especially when you can deal directly with an owner and not a real Estate Agency...When I call to check on the house I let them know that I will be moving to town on business and that I am a Canadian citizen.. of course they find this intersting and when it comes time to fill out the rental application of course I remind them that since I am a Canadian citizen that I can only provide them a SIN (social Insurance number) from Canada and I tell them that I hope they are able to access Canadian Credit files... I then provide them with a made up 9 digit SIN number and they NEVER ask a question,, their intimidated and have no idea how to go about checking my credit and it has worked flawlessly every time.

JJ Luna Responds:

I am surprised they do not ask to see your driver's license.
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