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In regards to not being asked for my drivers license when mentioning my being from Canada... Even if they do and they have, remember my Drivers License has no social security number on it and it is perfectly legal to have a drivers license in the US and be a resident of Canada... Bearing in mind if you give a SIN number it is still a 9 digit number such as 000-000-000.... Also, I do not show my drivers license to a landlord I always show my state ID which has been obtained by alternative methods that have worked masterfully for me for over two years. Also, when I get my utilities connected I always call in and never go in person.... they will also accept my fictitious name and my inability to provide a US Social Security number, they will ask for my Canadian SIN number and because they are unable to verify it they will ask for a deposit.....Sometimes they will request me to go to the local office to verify ID,, I then just bring them my alternative state ID with no SSN of course... it has worked flawlessly everytime... If they ever give me a problem, especially a landlord.. I remind them that it is against Federal law to deny me housing due to my nationality!!! Works like a charm
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