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Concerning showing your passport rather than State ID, I would not recommend it. The reason being, you do not have to be a citizen of the US to have a State ID so therefore no one can refute your country of origin. Now, where do I obtain my alternative ID? www.newidcards.com, the mans name is Alex Frey, he is very good at his business and completely destroys all records. Now, I am not stupid enough to show this to any law enforcement officer but it works brilliantly for everyday business such as leasing homes. I have used this to open all my bank accounts, my mail boxes and have never one time been question about its authenticity. I tried a few other online sites to obtain ID and had my money stolen more than once, this is the only place I have found that delivers with holograms & magnetic cards included. I have several that I use for various purposes.. they work especially well when the utility company needs you to come to the office and verify ID. It is especially helpful to have a Canadian Ghost Address should you need to prove that your from Canada to the LandLord although I have never had to resort to that.

URL #1: http://www.newidcards.com
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