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IUpdate on #3278 - Truck Title Transfer

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[Edited for length] Okay J.J., here's what happened. I could not wait any longer to put this truck on the road so I went to my automobile insurance co. today and got insurance on it. They refused to write it in my name, DBA the NMLLC as you suggested without writing a separate expensive commercial policy so I just used my own name and thereby retained the multicar discount. The notary in the adjoining office was okay with the NM LLC as buyer but only after seeing the articles of organization and printing my name beneath the name of the NMLLC after seeing my state issued ID. When I went to the DMV, the lady behind the desk never asked to see the Bill of Sale, but she did ask to see the articles of organization, which I showed her, and then asked for an EIN #. I gave her the 7 digit # on the certificate of organization and she was happy with that. She asked me to sign my name next to the NMLLC as buyer and list my position with the company. I signed illegibly and wrote "sales mgr." I used a ghost address previously obtained from a business aquaintaince after explaining to him that an old girlfriend was trying to find me for the purpose of breaking up my 35 year marriage and making a play for me. I paid my fees, got my plate, and walked out. While I was not allowed to use the Canary Islands address and will have to renew the plate every year, I was able to acquire the use of a nice truck without my name being associated with it anywhere on the DMV records, and nobody at the ghost address will have the slightest idea who owns the NM LLC, nor do they even know my real name. So, while the advice in HTBI did not work perfectly, it worked well enough to be more than worth it.
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