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I am not sure if John's post is an example of when you get something for free that you may not get your money's worth or if he just got a lot wrong. I wonder if it was really free or if he had to buy something and they gave you this software? He states he set up a trust to avoid probate and put life insurance policies, in the trust. Life insurance policies are not probate items and are not part of the probate estate. he also talks about putting your retirement accoounts in the trust. This another bad idea. Retirement plans are not probate items. Putting them in a trust could also have some bad effects on your loved ones. He said he showed these documents to his financial adviser and CPA to see if they are legal. There is more to this than if the documents are "legal". This is a good good reason not to get legal advise from financial advisors and CPAs who usually aren't qualified to give legal advise. This post is getting long I will continue in another post later.
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