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Revocable trust general comments

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After creating your trust, read it carefully and thoroughly. Know exactly what all parts of it say. It is one thing to create a legal trust, it is another to use a trust to settle your estate/ administer your wishes. Make sure your designated administrator(s) are mature, responsible and willing to do the work if necessary (it is work). Make sure you and your designated one(s) know how to settle your estate and administer your wishes. The only way to truly be sure your designated person knows how to settle your estate/administer your wishes is if you learn the processes involved and teach them. Talk to each institution named in the trust (bank, hospital, etc). Make sure each institution has the information and documents they need. Make sure YOU know each institution's processes/requirements for following the instructions your designated one will give them if you die. In other words, take care of both sides of the process. The trust side: The trust must be legal, and you must understand exactly what is says. The other side: Each institution named in the trust must be involved. Learn their processes, talk to each one to determine what they require to cooperate with your designated one. Trusts are very useful tools, however they must be maintained properly. Once you die, they become irrevocable. Any items/instructions that are not clearly identified or understandable, or are omitted altogether because the trust was not unpdated properly, could make settlement more difficult by requiring the courts to step in to interpret what the trust "really" says. Be specific, clear and thorough NOW, and you designated one will have an easier task when you die.
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