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Mari, I have several friends that are professional installers of car audio, alarms, remote starts, GPS units,Lo-Jack, etc. and have been in the field for years. We talked about this subject one time when I bought a new car (It has has TeleAid. We used it several times and the service was able to pinpoint our exact location each time. They can also remotely unlock the doors using it and activate the microphone w/o you being aware).

The dealer is full of it and just trying to sell you another car. Any competent professional installer can disable or remove the setup. The easiest way is to either disconnect the antenna wire or remove the antenna.

Personally I would just have them disconnect the antenna wire and power to the unit if possible, so it can be reconnected if you ever sell the vehicle or trade it in. This would be the cheapest method without changing the outward appearance of the car (i.e. by removing the antenna or wrapping it in foil, which I don't think would work as todays systems are pretty powerful so they can operate in locations with many obstructions). You might also draw unwanted attention to the vehicle by the police if the antenna is removed, as they may think the vehicle is possibly stolen and pull you over the investigate further. According to my friends may car thieves will break the antenna off the car when stealing it so it can't be located.

The key is finding a "competent" professional that knows what they are doing and won't damage your car. Ask around at different car audio shops in your area as well as with Lo-Jack if there is an office in your area. Lo-Jack installers are used to doing difficult installs because they have to hide the unit and related wiring so well, and they also know about the details of GPS systems that the average stereo installer probably won't know about unless they work on them all the time. Hope this helps.

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