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Sat Phones

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I've noticed that satellite phones ("sat phones") have come down considerably in price in recent years. But I still rarely hear these discussed as a viable alternative to cell phones.

I'm planning a move to (very) rural Nevada. Given the amount of driving I do, a satellite phone appears to be a necessary future expenditure for me. But what about the privacy angle? Since you presumably skip the whole cell tower layer with a satellite phone, are sat phones any harder to track?

JJ Luna Responds:

You do not hear much about sat phones because of the high cost per minute. I was at Bell II Lodge last fall, on the Cassiar Highway (en route to the Yukon). Because of the remote area, the lodge used sat phones. They charged four dollars a minute.

These phones can be tracked but my understanding is that it is difficult. (Perhaps some reader has more information on this?) Also, if a PI were investigating you, I suspect that it might not occur to him that you were using such a phone.

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