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Sat Phones Trackability

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Hi Jack: I am in the Satellite Communications field. Yes the Sat Phones are trackable by our Intelligence Organizations. We missed Osama by one phone call a few years ago.

The prices have droped significantly from 5 years ago. Iridium and Globalstar have plans that lower the price below a dollar a minute. I think for ordinary people seeking privacy from regular civilian snoops they provide a reasonable good level of privacy; very hard to intercept.

Please feel free to contact me on Sat Comm matters if you like. If I don't know I will use my contacts in the Industry to get you an answer. Thanks for providing this excellent website.

JJ Luna Responds:

Note to readers thinking about a sat phone: The per-minute charges are also for incoming calls, so take care who you give the number to. Mention "brevity."
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