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The link below is for a laptop that has no hard drive and, therefore, purportedly, no data security issues if stolen or for cross border travel. Thoughts?

URL #1: http://www.safebook.net/index.htm

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An Ohio businessman tells me that businessmen and other moderate level corporate people entering China are now required to have their cell phones copied at the border. (Such phones may reveal emails, contacts, phone numbers, and details of others.) As a result, many business reps now going to China take only a stripped cell phone. In addition, the fear is that they may do the same to laptops so when possible, many now leave their laptops at home.

... Would the Safebook be useful on such a trip?

... Maybe. The concept behind Safebook is that nothing is stored local. So as long as you are just browsing the internet and do not wish to save information as you go along, it would work well. However, to connect to a remote server in a foreign land, in order to access files back home, might not be a good idea.

P.S. A CA PI says, "If the Chinese don't copy your electronic information at the Customs line, they will get it in the hotel when you're not there."

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