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Internet resources and BigString.com has confirmed if a user of the web-based email provider BigString.com has an account then the email itself is untraceable back to the original sender. The company has advised when an email from them is sent to a recipient, the recipient only views a snapshot of the original email. The email is non-printable and non-savable. The original email is stored on the company’s servers and once deleted by the original creator is gone forever. BigString.com offers service to their clients that offer email tracking to show who, when and how often the email sent had been viewed. For example, if a criminal case was initiated and the law enforcement agency viewed the evidentiary email, the sender would be presented the Internet Provider (IP) address, date and time viewed. If the email is viewed on server where the IP address returned to a government agency then the sender would be tipped off as to a possible investigation.

URL #1: http://www.bigstring.com/free-email-address/free-email-featuresv2.php
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