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Fax Machine options

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Regarding Jamie's question about how to keep your fax machine number off of Intellius' radar, etc... - All the Staples stores have a copy center which offers a self-service fax machine (it's less than $1.50 for one page and the cover page they provide is free). OfficeMax, etc. have fax machines also. Alternatively, as long as you can use a credit card that is prepaid or a nominee's, websites like efax.com, ureach.com, and many others offer web-based fax services - the problem for some people, is, that it means you must scan the document beforehand so that it's a image file or embedded in a MS Word document. Takes a little bit of extra time. eFax.com has a 1-month trial (ask for it). Becoming entirely paperless should be the goal of everyone that is privacy/invisibility-oriented anyway though, since any papers lying around with your information and/or faxes you've sent, kind of defeats the privacy goal in the strictest sense. Less strickly though, as long as paperwork is secured in a locked unmovable vault, then maybe it doesn't matter so much. But if you need/want to move quickly (to foil a stalker or to move overseas), having boxes of paperwork (receipts, old credit reports, etc.) kind of is dampening at a minimum.
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