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Ditto to all of Eric's suggestions. You once said you thought we would be bored reading about your missionary life & personal values, but I look forward to it. Jack, you are a wise elder to those of us who frequent your site. I, for one, have not been disappointed with any of your writings. Also, while I'm here, thanks for leading me to Elaine St. James's books on "simplifying". Not all of her suggestions work for everyone, but the concepts work in all aspects of life! Thanks, again, Jack!

JJ Luna Responds:

Sorry Ann, but you are in the minority when it comes to wanting to read about any "personal values." I do answer e-mails on this subject but most so-called "Christians" will not accept the fact that the Bible should be their sole guide. They express their own private opinions about what is right and wrong, which is the equivalent of anarchy.
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