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Vumber as PrivatePhone Replacement

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This is a great service, so far, so thanks to Ronald for recommending it! What makes Vumber far superior to PrivatePhone and similar services like eVoice, which I recommended, is that it not only allows you to have a number in your (or any) area code and use it as a voicemail only service, you can (1) have your Vumber pointed to another phone so you can actually answer on that number while giving only your Vumber to others; (you call into Vumber via that number to check voicemail and change messages and Vumber promises never to reveal your private number(s)) (2) using the phone (or phones) you designate in your Vumber account, you can call out through your Vumber and have it appear on the recipients caller ID; (3) get the option of choosing to take a call (since the call identified by caller ID and blocks callers who try to block their ID!) or sending it to voicemail, which you set up; (4) have options to make it appear the number has been disconnected or perpetually busy; (5) change your Vumber anytime you'd like; and, (6) add additional Vumbers to your account for $1.99 per month. Right now, the service is being offered for $4.95 per month after a 30-day (same as eVoice voicemail). You'll need to use a credit or debit card to establish service but may be able to use a prepaid card under whatever name you choose since you can change your billing information whenever necessary.

Anyway, I now have three Vumbers. One is a personal Vumber that I use as voicemail only since it is associated with my credit card and/or other credit report linked accounts so I don't answer such calls directly. BUT I can return calls to that number via Vumber and even calls through Vumber to toll free numbers, which usually reveal the true phone from which the calls are being made (even when I use call through numbers like my toll free services) will show my Vumber,, though NOT my own name! The other two Vumbers are for businesses and I can provide them to the "public" so they don't give my private business line to everyone who asks. They don't appear on my websites, though. I have toll free numbers for that purpose.

The only minor problems with the service are the phone number you get will be **someplace** in the area code you choice, not necessarily in or close to the very city you want and the name on the caller ID will not be yours (and those are only a problems if someone figures out the phone number's exchange and the name on the caller ID are inconsistent with your other personal or business details and you care, which I don't! I'll report back if I find any serious flaws but, right now, it's all gravy and the service protects my personal and business privacy in a manner consistent with HTBI and that makes me comfortable.

URL #1: http://www.vumber.com

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