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British Readers should be Concerned

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Here is a news snippet about a new system going online where employers can classify an employee who leaves under suspicious circumstances. This system has the word 'Abuse' written all over it. "National Staff Dismissal Register Raises Ire - A controversial database set to launch later this month has raised the ire of citizens, trade unions and civil liberties groups, says a SiliconRepublic.com report. With the help of Action Against Business Crime (AABC), a group of UK retailers is compiling a list of employees dismissed over suspicion of theft or fraud, even if they were never charged in court with the alleged acts. The resulting database, the National Staff Dismissal Register (NSDR), is an attempt to reduce the amount of employee theft and fraud companies must currently recover. Prospective employers will be able to search the list as part of pre-employment background checks."

JJ Luna Responds:

Another good reason for self-employment.
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