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Dealing with Public Records

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I believe the best way to deal with being in a number of databases is to OBFUSCATE your entries. In other words, manage them by using HTBI methods like getting ghost addresses and related phone numbers, nominee accounts (and setting up businesses using nominees), titling property in NMLLCs formed by nominees, etc.

(Yes, I know it's hard for most people to find trustworthy nominees but you can still do some of the other things suggested in HTBI like getting a ghost address at a CMRA that isn't part a major or regional chain and getting some Vumber numbers and using them, especially with those who can be traced to you. Getting prepaid cellular service in pseudonyms also works well.)

Searching this site, you'll find a lot of perfectly legal ideas that work. Using these techniques is MUCH easier than trying to remove your name and personal information from public records. Just do whatever you can to obfuscate the database records and you'll be better off than if you did nothing.

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