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I'm posting this to the website because I thought it might be instructive for people to see an actual case of someone trying to obscure his trail. I know it's a bit long, but I hope not too long. Now that I have used the social network software I mentioned previously to map the connections that need to be severed, I still need to determine the order in which to do things so as not to inadvertently leave a trail.

Here's the basic situation: I will be selling the ranch and getting a check for a huge sum of money sometime next year. Most of that money will be placed in a Lichtenstein trust account of some sort, because Lichtenstein still has banking secrecy laws like Switzerland used to have. I'll keep at least three years of operating cash on-premises in a concealed safe.

I am moving from the ranch to another town in November, well before the closing, because I'm sick of living here alone. This gives me the perfect opportunity to cut my trail while still arguably being able to claim the ranch as my residence, because I still own it and have an (empty) house there. Here's how I plan to do it.

I have an existing PO box for the ranch that's rented by the ranch partnership, but has my real name attached to it as an "other person" in the town where the ranch is. I will be keeping this mailbox, at least for a time. The benefit of this box is that there are several personal and business names attached as "also uses" to it that were established prior to 9/11 and the changes to PO law, so no identification was required at the time. I think this box may be of value in the future, which is why I'm keeping it.

I have obtained a debit card in my new assumed name that is attached to my personal existing bank account. I'll describe how I did this in another post, it's ingenious. I will be renting, then buying a new house in the new town I'm moving to. The owner was building it to rent, but agreed to sell it to me, for cash, after he holds it for a year for capital gains reasons. He has agreed to sell it to me in the name of my soon-to-be-created NM "house" LLC, so my name will not attach to it ever.

He may agree to rent to me in the LLC's name, but if not, the rental agreement goes no farther than him anyway. All utilities, satellite TV and phone will be opened in the name of the NM LLC, and I'll pay whatever deposits are required using either a money order or using my assumed name's debit card either online or by phone. This account will only ever contain just enough money to cover expenditures, and I'll transfer the requisite amount into it via on-line banking immediately before making the purchase from the root account, which is mine, so there's no danger if the card gets lost, stolen or confiscated. If there's a chance a police officer will ask about my having a card in someone else's name, I can always just ditch it if I don't feel like explaining. It's a perfectly legit card, by the way.

I will establish several ghost names using the Alaska mail forwarding club suggested by Mr. Luna. I'll concoct the max number of names, including several names of LLCs to eventually hold my vehicles and other assets, including one in my "Seth" persona. These names will be used only for essential legal mailings and suchlike, not routine mail.

I will establish a new PO box in my new town in the name of my "alias LLC" There are two CMRA's in town, one is a UPS store, and a regular post office. I will establish a CMRA box at the UPS store in the name my personal alias LLC, "Seth Blankity-blank LLC", a NM LLC. The box will be opened by a trusted friend as the agent for the LLC. I'll follow Mr. Luna's advice and send some letters to "Seth Blankity-blank LLC" and then start leaving the "LLC" part off.

I will no longer use my real name for any required address unless it's legally required by the government (IRS, insurance, DL, etc.). The one fly in the ointment is that state law requires your actual street address on your DL, no PO boxes are allowed, and it's a crime to falsify your address on the DL. I haven't figured this out quite yet, but I have time because I can "forget" to update my address on my existing license, which is my old ranch address, which is good for another five or six years.

I will always use the Seth persona and CMRA box number for all mail that may involve commercial databases, like magazine subscriptions, internet purchases and suchlike. I can have packages sent to the UPS store for pickup, but I'm unsure how to pick them up without revealing my actual name, since they usually require ID, at least at first, or when a new employee shows up. I'm trying to figure that link out. I may simply list the address of my best, most trusted friends, who just happen to live right down the alley, on the next street over, from my new house, for all package deliveries. That I found a new house under construction right down the alley from them is pure good fortune, because I'm moving to that town specifically to be near them. It also happens that the owner of my house is their landlord, and is a very nice guy who understands the desire for privacy, so he's willing to be cooperative.

I will establish a new PO box in my REAL name at a PO some distance away from my new community, but convenient for pickup. Convenient for me is within 10 miles, because that's how far I have to drive now to pick up mail at the PO for the ranch, so I'm used to it. I will do this BEFORE I move from my ranch, so that I can honestly fill out the form. Then I'll "forget" to update my actual street address. All actual personal mail will go to this box. There's very little, mostly statements and junk mail. Everything else is done on-line.

Everything else is addressed to my alias and either goes via Alaska (official correspondence) or goes directly to the local CMRA in my alias name. I have a very good and trusted friend on the other side of the state, about 250 miles away, who owns a ranch, and also owns an adjoining ranch that our family ranch partnership owned before my mother died. We had to sell it to pay the Death Tax. My friend bought it, and I'm allowed to use it whenever I like. I have a travel trailer parked there and usually spend the entire summer there. This property has its own address that I established for it when I thought I was going to build a house there, and I can put in a locking mailbox with that address right next to his, where he will keep an eye on it, and may be willing to forward mail to me from time to time. Worst case is it piles up in the box and I go collect it from time to time when I go to visit.

I already use this street address to register several vehicles which "live" over there, mostly recreational vehicles for 4 wheeling. By registering them there, I also avoid the necessity of annual emissions tests where I now, and will be living, which is near a metro area with pollution problems. The good news is that the county clerk mails the renewal notices to my ranch PO box on the other side of the state. They don't care what the mailing address is as long as the "garage" address is within the county. Eventually, all vehicles will be registered in this county, using the ghost address. While inconvenient to get to, it's only used for annual registrations, so I just have to go there once a year to reregister my vehicles. The vehicles will also end up in individual NM LLC's at some point.

I can also potentially register everything to a Montana LLC and register them in Montana, although this draws attention of local authorities, some of whom get pissed because you aren't registered in the state. So, I avoid the scrutiny by registering in the state, but in a different county where I can plausibly argue that the vehicles "live" most of the time.

I can continue to use my personal bank account because they have a branch near my new town, and I'll keep a couple of other established bank accounts as well, including a ranch partnership account long established, because they all point to the old ranch PO address. I can allow statements to build up because all reconciliation can be done on-line and statements can be downloaded from the web without revealing any new addresses. The ranch partnership will "go away" after the sale, sort of. Actually, it will be morphed into a NM LLC, and the address will point to my Seth alias in my new town.

I'll obtain a new bank account in the name of the LLC that will eventually own the house, and I'll set up all monthly payments to be automatically withdrawn. This may require an EIN, but i can have my nominee (best friend) open the account and obtain the EIN as temporary agent. Property tax and other legal notices will come to the house LLC, which will have an Alaska ghost address, and will be forwarded, not to me, but to my alias PO box at the UPS store, and will be paid by money order. This way, the mail forwarder in Alaska won't know my real name, so if she is compromised (or subpoenaed) all anyone gets is the house LLC PO box, which is in my alias LLC name.

I can make on-line payments for much of this using my alias debit card, because no signature or ID verification is required. The records can potentially be linked back to my actual personal account, but as Mr. Luna says, bank records are hard to get to, and I'm not trying to evade the law, just nosy people. I can also establish a corporate LLC account for the house LLC by nominee, using the same bank that holds my personal account, and make deposits by money order when I'm at the bank, without having to show ID.

My actual street address for the new house will never appear anywhere except the records of utility providers, who need the actual address to set up service, but my name will not be attached to those records, they will be listed to the house NM LLC, with an address in Alaska. There are a couple of problems that I simply do not know how to solve:

Concealed carry permit. Because it must be issued by the local Sheriff, you have to put down a street address on the application. While I could use a ghost address, there is a chance that if they do a background investigation and send out an investigator to check the address, a bogus address will kill the application. Being able to carry legally is extremely important, so I've got to resolve this, and I may simply approach the Sheriff personally and explain why I need not to reveal my true address, which is because I'm a retired police officer.

FCC Amateur Radio License. If you establish a home HAM station, you must provide not just the actual street address, but the GPS coordinates of the antenna to the federal government, and this data is available on line to anyone. I guess I won't be having a station license anymore. No big deal, but something to remember. If you inadvertently fill out the change of address for a station license and put your actual address on it, it's in an open public database at the federal level.

Voter registrations. Discussed elsewhere. After this election, it's way more important to be invisible than it is to vote. My only conundrum is what order to do all this in, in order to make sure not to leave any unwanted traces?

Anybody see any missed links?

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