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Sebastion, I have no illusions as to what Google is doing with the information they gather. I know they are storing ip addresses and I am sure they are using and probably sharing that information. I was letting the readers of this website know that google analytics is in fact a very useful tool for business such as myself and I appreciate the service. I also understand that anything you do electronically is monitored.

As I mentioned in the previous email you should check out NOVA's website on the spy factory, you can watch the program online. Every single email, phone call, internet traffic etc is stored by the NSA, (whether its legal or not) its the world we live in, so I guess my point of view is pessimistic as to the effectiveness of trying to block electronic information.

In my opinion the electronic end of things is the least of your worries as to identifying you. The NSA would have anything they need despite the blocking techniques discussed and internet sites are not going to use the information they gather to track you down and harm you. Google is gathering the information to make money. If protection in what you want your best bet is ghost address, bank account utilities, etc. If you are just talking time - I guess for me all the time it takes to block scripts would negate the extra time it takes to load a page.

Is the tracking annoying? Absolutely - I agree 100%. Worth blocking, maybe to you but not for me. I wish you all the best!

URL #1: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/spyfactory/

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