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Diane, HTBI tactics or similar tactics are NOT going to protect you from any kind of surveillance from the feds. They're not meant to but they can protect your from individuals looking for "low-hanging" fruit to pluck or even more aggressive individuals who are not related to federal agencies. For the cleverest among those who track and/or stalk others, your IP address, DNS and browser information can provide a lot of information you simply don't want them to have. You need to be particularly vigilant if you run a business. Just because the feds are tracking our every move and call (something of which I'm acutely aware as a former investigative journalist, trust me) doesn't mean we shouldn't take steps to obfuscate our activities and movements online against those without limitless time, money and other resources. THEY are the more clear and present danger and THEY are using technology to locate individuals they want to find. Yes, using techniques that subvert exploits designed to determine our computer, browser, web search history and location might slow us down but perhaps that's just a sign we need to slow down and rethink how we're interacting with technology.

THIS business owner is going to do ALL she can to protect herself, no matter how the debate shakes out in privacy forums. For those who care just how much online spies can find out about you from your browser, check out the website below. Technology represents the biggest and most dangerous threat to protecting our privacy (which is why one of Wired magazine's blogs is called "Threat Level"!) and it should be managed accordingly, not ignored because it's more expedient since "the NSA's watching our every move, anyway."

Finally, personally, Google is one of the scariest privacy threats I've seen on a long time and I'm getting away--FAR away--from anything Google as fast as I can. I won't exchange my privacy with Google for their money.

URL #1: http://browserspy.dk/

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