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Re: #5456, U.S. Passport - Change of Name

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As I recall from the last time I applied for a passport, the passport will show only your current legal name. It will not show former names.

When you apply for the passport, however, you will have to submit documents to prove that you are who you claim to be and that you are a U.S. citizen. When applying for your very first passport, this proof would normally be your birth certificate. (Other or different documents might be required if you don't have a birth certificate.) For a woman who changed her surname upon marriage, she would also submit a marriage license showing both her maiden name and her new name. It would be the same for you. In addition to the birth certificate, you would submit a (certified) copy of the certificate of change of name from the county where the name change occurred.

If you browse in the State Department's web site (see link below) theere should be links to other Stazte Department Web pages where the passport application process is explained.

If this will not be your first passport, just submit a previous passport to prove citizenship, together with the change-of-legal-name documentation.

All passport applications must include a photograph, which must meet certain requirements, that will also be explained on the State Department site.

URL #1: http://travel.state.gov/

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