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I am somewhat of an "expert" on prepaid cell phone plans. But that is irrelevant to my point: As a matter of personal preparedness and personal security: One should ALWAYS be in personal possession of at least one prepaid anonymous cell phone with at least 20 minutes on it, carried in two pieces: Battery, and the "rest" of the phone. Here's why:

With a prepaid cell phone with 20 minutes available on it, one can call 9-1-1 for free AND still have 20 minutes available for calling for help from some who will actually help them (a friend or relative who trusted implicitly enough for this task).

Bottom line is this: Go to Dollar General or Family Dollar in a location NOT near your home (I can't personally speak for FD, but I know for a fact that all the little surveillance bubbles at DG are FAKE!!!!) and buy a Tracfone. Pay cash. Be UN-memorable when you go! Take that Tracfone and go to a library outside your area of residence and ask for a "guest account" for their internet access. Try not to provide any ID if at all possible. Activate the Tracfone online at the library. Make sure it is working properly by placing a test call to another like-minded Tracfone (activate 2 at once in other words, then use them to call each other to make sure they're both working).

Now.... take both phones, remove both batteries, and save them for a rainy day....

You get bonus points if you remember to activate those phones with zip codes that are far removed from places you actually travel and live....

Carry at least one of those phones with you at all times for those times when you want to alert the police in your locality, wherever that happens to be at the time, to something they need to know about.

If you should have occasion to need to use the phone, then once it is used, remove the battery again and THROW IT AWAY ANONYMOUSLY!!!!

Then... Lather, rinse, repeat.

As an aside, if you can't find a library to accommodate your "guest account" without ID... Then just activate by calling the 1-800 number at Tracfone FROM A PAYPHONE VERY FAR AWAY FROM WHERE YOU GENERALLY TRAVEL OR LIVE!!!!

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