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Can I enter the U.S. without having my privacy violated?

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I'd like to visit the states but I hear that at the boarder they record all your information, take a photograph of you and even fingerprint you!

Is there any way of visiting the U.S. without have your private life violated? Are some points of entry (e.g. plane, bus, car) better for this than others?

I don't want to lie on the U.S. Customs forms.

JJ Luna Responds:

Assuming you cross the border in a train, bus or in your car, I don't think there are problems such as you mention, but I'll ask our Canadian readers to reply. The main trick is to act like you've been thorough before, and not show signs of nervousness.
... (I am a frequent border crosser and I sail through with no problems, no delays, nada, but of course I am not a Canadian. Also, both sides DO photograph my license plate each time.)
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