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In post 5886, George mentions "covert coins" as means of storing MicroSD cards when traveling.

Unless I'm missing something, I see potential problems with this. For daily routine travel, such coin needs to be easily distinguishable so not to be 'spent', yet not to attract anyone else's attention. That can be easily resolved by placing such coin away from other money.

The primary purpose of such disguise, though, was to cross the borders with encrypted and hidden data. Now, coins are usually metalic, and hence have to be placed on the tray and go through the X-ray detector machine. That will readily reveal "strange" nature of those coins and point out the contents.

Here was also discussion regarding strenghtened requirements in state of Florida. Those are recent changes as printed on the web site "Previously we printed the mailing address on your driver license/ID Card. A recent law change requires us to now print the physical residence address. Also, you have to provide proof of the residence address. " In the "Why the changes?" on the bottom there is also a link to Real ID Act.

Has anyone successfully obtained/renewed since October, 2008?

URL #1: http://www.flhsmv.gov/realid/

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(Josh, I deleted the second URL. You can only list one, in this system.)
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