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Texas Titling of Vehicles

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I'm having difficulty titling a vehicle in Texas in a NMLLC without showing my DL. I have told the TXDOT that the LLC owns the vehicle and not me and this is their response: "You will still register the vehicle in the name of the LLC. However, an agent of the business still needs to file a copy of their license in the county the vehicle will be operated. The vehicle may have many different drivers, but one driver needs to be the agent to file the paperwork."

Any advice on how to overcome not having to show your DL?

Assuming there is no way around this, then: Is any of your DL information shown on the title/registration? How easy will it be for the DL to be linked to the vehicle?

JJ Luna Responds:

Note to readers:
... Jim is purchasing the car from a dealer, not a private party. However, the message from the TXDOT appears to cover all registrations--something I have not heard before.

Can any of you Texans with cars registered in LLCs help Jim out, please?

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