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I came across the websites for the National Directory of New Hires. I wasn’t aware that its purported purpose is “locating noncustodial parents, establishing child support orders and enforcing child support orders” (www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/cse/newhire/ndnh/ndnh.htm). That's probably not all it's used for.

I was able to avoid giving my home address to the company I currently work for. But if I work for a company with branches throughout the country, does the new hires directory match my name to the address of my specific office?

And if so, let’s say I transfer to another location within the company. Would this new office address then go into the new hires directory, or does the initial hiring information remain unchanged?

I was also curious about who can gain access to the directory. The website says that “commercial entities (e.g., law firms and collection agencies) do not have access to the NDNH.” However, I assume that at least most law enforcement and probably P.I.s can get into it somehow. Just curious… The link below has more info on what the agency requires employers to provide about new hires.

URL #1: http://www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/cse/newhire/employer/private/newhire.htm

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