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Anonymous Web Hosting + Prepaid AMEX Cards + iTunes

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I'd like to let you all know that it is still possible to achieve anonymous web hosting.

First, CVS stores still sell prepaid AMEX cards in $200 denominations (at least here in Southern California).

Second, I signed up with a well known web hosting provider, using a ghost address (ANY address will work, BTW) and a VALID cell phone number (no K7 or auto voicemail stuff will work). I paid with the prepaid AMEX. The next day, I received a phone call to verify the signup, and successfully confirmed the account. I could then purchase any number of domains anonymously with additional AMEX cards. Adding on domain privacy makes the setup even more secure.

As long as you don't access the account in any way from an Internet connection somehow tied to you, you and your website/blog/whatever can remain truly anonymous.

A reader recently asked about anonymous iTunes access. I believe using a prepaid AMEX will work, but I never recommend using iTunes, due to the fact that the MP4 files have DRM and also embed the iTunes account info them. Instead, purchase the MP3 files from Amazon.com with a prepaid AMEX. The files are DRM free, and no address verification is needed since nothing is shipped.

Good luck...

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