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Following incidents were experienced in past month. This offers a view on how privacy matters are non-existent in towns of less than 5,000 population.

Line at post office short, the counter clerk greets the customer by first name and while fulfilling this gents needs, the man asks the employee to check the activity of a tennants P.O. Box. This task was done with no further questions and small chit-chat followed as to why this information was needed.

Research needs found me at the library and need to use a computer. My card, seldom used, was at home. Informing the circulation person of my woe they asked for my last name. They then said "C". Thinking they had said "gee" was no issue and I proceeded to log on, having been given my card number. It was rejected. Returned to the circulation desk and clarification with staff found they gave me someone elses log in information. This incorret number was crossed off and mine was added. What is scary is no ID was asked for. The next week I went to another location, used this wayward password and found the person had placed e-mail setting to automatic. Had full access to their account.

In seldon used village park my '07 two-seat car is parked and I'm on the shaded side of large B-B-Q pit, with roof, sitting in foldable chair I carry. Reading a magazine, with small radio and volume low, a van slowly pulls up and a gentleman stops, proclaiming he was checking on my safety and thought I had automobile issues. Stating all was fine and things were under warranty he then headed for a shady spot at far end of the parking lot, window rolled down and motor running. Noticed him placing a magnetic antenna on his roof.

About five minutes later it occured to me what he was doing. As I loaded up and prepared to escape he approached with his police ID in hand. He had ran a tag check and was stuck when the LLC, "no name," popped up. Instantly removed my cell phone, set in vibrate mode, so I said and excused myself. Talking and walking then made haste to the car. Said I'd like to chat but there was a business emergency and I needed to leave immediately.

Realized this was an off duty policeman who was being a snoop. His picture was in the newspaper recently and this is why I recognized him. Privancy does come at a cost and these examples show how lax things can be!

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