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Dan Secure Document Dilemma

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I'd like to add to Jack's comment about securing a document.

If you were to go with an electronic medium like PDF, you could resonably protect the document from being printed and having text extracted from it (via AES encryption and a long password). However, you couldn't protect the document and it's view/open password from being shared amongst individuals wishing to gain access to it.

With a hardcopy, there is nothing you can do to physically stop someone from photocopying or scanning the document into a tradeable PDF file. However, I would highly suggest customizing EACH copy of the document you send to your customers with multiple identifying factors, and keeping a copy of each under their file. These customizations can include watermarks, borders, fonts, footnotes, paragraph spacing/order, etc. This way, if the document does happen to leak, you can trace it to a specific individual.

Good luck...

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