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ss# request by medical care giver

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I have been trying to obtain the services from a group of well known neuro surgeons. I was referred to them by my primary care giver. When they asked for my ss#, I told them I did not provide personal information of that nature because of identity theft issues in the past and I've been instructed to never provide it unless there is proof a legal requirement is provided. They said it was simply their policy becasue they are extending me credit. I told them that I would pay cash upfront for my appointments and any proceure that they could keep until my insurance paid off. The director of the facility said that I could pay up front but that I would still have to provide my ss# after I paid before I could be seen. He said they have a private practice so they can require any information they wish and that if I didn't want to comply, I should go elsewhere. I've not run across this problem until now. In all other cases I've refused to provide a ss#, they've respected my privacy. Has anyone else had this type of experience? Are they breaking any law by requireing me to give this number for no legitimate reason?
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