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Media Propoganda Says Working For Your Self Is

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This family tries so hard and "struggles" on $80,000/yr annually. Even in New York, America's most expensive metropolitan area, that's still a livable wage. But, this is Minnesota for crying out loud! And they also mention how "burdensome" their high deductible health plan is, neglecting that the federally limited *out-of-pocket* cost cap for a family right now is at a little less than $9K. Considering that they even get to deduct those premiums as self-employed business owners and reduce their tax burden, that's not really that much.

They make is seem so "risky" to work for yourself, but the truth is that what's riskier is working for someone else and hoping you'll have the job the next day everyday. What makes me laugh is that all of the people mentioned in the story are media professionals. Kinda of a conflict of interest, no?

URL #1: http://money.cnn.com/2010/03/11/pf/freelance_budget.moneymag/

JJ Luna Responds:

Hmmm ... well, they could take that $7,000 "saved for college" and use it for something more useful.
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