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Follow up to scanning mail CMRA's

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Follow up to #7217: I don't believe the USPS will forward mail to a distant country, and I'm not sure which of my creditors I'll give a ghost address. Also, I may only use this new scanning mail address for more than 6-9 months until I've got things worked out. I've looked online and read the websites of Earth Class Mail and Mailbox Forwarding, as well as paperlessmail.com and either there isn't any information about process serving, or, it is nebulous. Thus my questions - is it state specific to the location of the CMRA [i.e. anyone from any state can serve someone who has an address with a CMRA in, say, California (which I understand DOES allow service f process)], or is depend upon the state where the creditor is located? Just trying to get all of this clear before I set everything up. Also, if someone has any other advice to offer, I'm all ears. Thanks!
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