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RE: Jim 7227 What do you think of the idea of using the dealer's info? Example: use your name, their address, a cell phone number (theirs or otherwise untraceable)? Many times this could work (but not always). In any case, most of my ideas to keep your privacy(except using a nominee as outlined in HTBI or forgetting thw rebate altogether) involve getting the cooperation of the dealer. He wants to make the sale, right? So, he gives you the rebate upfront and he gets paid back when the rebate check shows up, right? IMHO, two-bit know-nothing store clerks (as outlined in other posts here) are a waste of your time. It will almost always be necessary to talk to an supervisor, a boss, or the owner (i.e. someone who has adequate intelligence, a bit of common sense, and sees the benefit of working with you). Hope this helps and it works out for you.
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