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Hospital visit problems

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"Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. At the start I didn’t see all of this coming."

You have a stalker. Immediately report this event to the administration of the hospital and demand that they purge all of your patient information from their files and ensure that this employee does not have access to it, and demand that the employee be disciplined or terminated. This may require a legal threat to accomplish. Do it IN WRITING, certified mail, return receipt and start keeping a file RIGHT NOW!

Make a police report so that you have it on record that the incident occurred. Insist that they make a report and give you a report number. Do NOT let them refuse to take an "incident report." You must have such a report on file for the next step.

Next, if she ever contacts you, make a record (and a recording if you can) of the call, tell her never to call back, and then inquire about a restraining order.

Her conduct was entirely unprofessional and she violated federal HIPPA laws by revealing personal patient information to your supervisor. She can be prosecuted.

Do NOT take this lightly. Take decisive action to protect your rights and your privacy.

Find another health care provider who will promise to keep your records confidential, and then give them as little information as possible, NOT including your DL, your home address (use a PO box) or your SSN. Pay cash if you have to.

I found just such a provider, and my medical records have "No Name" as my name, and only the billing office can connect my treatment record to my name, and I have a written contract with them not to reveal my information to ANYONE except my emergency contacts.

I told them I was an ex-cop (true) who moved to town to avoid bad guys I'd arrested who were now getting out of prison (sort of true...I arrested a lot of bad guys, but I don't know that any of them are actually looking for me)

An "I'm in a kind of witness protection program" works sometimes too.

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