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Thank you all for answering my questions as I begin getting my privacy in order. I am wondering if there is any objection to using a NM LLC to manage a current and local LLC that I have? This LLC already has a bank account, EIN (single meember LLC, disregarded for tax purposes) but the state registry will of course reveal my name on it. UNLESS I have a NM LLC that can manage the local LLC and put that entity in place of my name with the state registry. Mr. Luna, is that acceptable wtih the NM LLC's that are purchased from Rosie?

JJ Luna Responds:

One LLC can own another, anytime. In Europe, for example, LLCs must be LOCAL but the local LLC can be owned by a NM LLC. However, there is a possibility you may have to sign as owner of the NM LLC--best to check on that, first. (Even so, it may be that your name will not show up in some databases).
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