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I know I'm somewhat new to this board, and nobody knows me (though that seems to be the point around here), but I'm in a bit of a predicament right now.

I'm moving in a few days and the LLC I would have tried to use to set up utilities at my new place got irrevocably tied to my name due to a theft and a police report I had to file. I don't even know if the LLC would have worked, so I'm looking for a nominee.

I have been trying to find someone to room with me (so they would sign up the utilities) or even just pay someone to be a nominee, but everyone laughs when a stranger asks them to put something on credit in their name.

So I'll just put it out there - not sure if this is kosher or not - but is anyone on here in need of some redirection?

My next step is to try the big deposit route, then the "act as a landlord" route, then try the middle name, since I have not used it in 10+ years. I really do NOT want my social being used. But if anyone is interested in helping me out, I would be happy to meet in person to discuss if you're around Boston.

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