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benefit of passport is questionable

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JJ, How beneficial is a passport for domestic ID if: 1. A given state allows a PO box to appear as the address on the DL. 2. The state DMV accepts an "alternate" address on their record for street address. 3. One only uses a DL for ID when asked by the police and no one else. 4. Since a driver's license is needed for driving, does it not make more sense to limit or adjust the info they DO have? 5. If one prefers to travel by train or car, why be concerned that someday passports will be needed for domestic flight? 6. If one needs to cash a check, a county ID card may provide adequate identification without revealing driver's license number (granted this requires careful investigation on the requirements for, and inquiry on the information that WILL appear on this type of card). Have I missed anything? I welcome your response.

JJ Luna Responds:

Too many questions, all run together, and there is no one answer for everyone. Make your own decisions, please.
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