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Cocktail shaker repurposed as cell phone Faraday cage

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#7981 led me to the linked article which reminded me I have wondered about having something around if I wanted to make sure my iPhone was cut off from the outside world. I can't guarantee this is foolproof, but my tests consisted of putting my phone inside and waiting a couple of minutes, trying to call it, text it, taking it out a few minutes later and discovering that it had totally lost its signal and was "searching" and did not know about the calls I made to the enclosed iPhone during the test. The text came in as soon as a signal was acquired. The effectiveness of this suggests a direction for further investigation. Perhaps there are other similarly-designed water mugs/bottles entirely enclosed in metal that would also work? The nice thing is it's an object with another purpose, so it's not a completely strange thing to be carrying, although it is bulky. Note that it's double-walled stainless steel, which probably helps. I tried this in a chrome ice bucket (with chrome lid) and it didn't block the signal at all.

URL #1: http://www.oxo.com/p-854-shaker.aspx
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